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By Cedric Jackson, January 2, 2018
Writing Killer Property Descriptions for Your Real Estate Site

The last time I looked at real estate listings (as research for a client), I was absolutely amazed at how similar the descriptions were to ones I had read in years previous. [...]



by Cedric Jackson, October 6, 2015
Writing Effective Product Descriptions for E-Commerce

Product descriptions are kind of the bargain-basement offering in copywriting – at least they are for the big copy mills. They usually pay next to nothing, and, from what I've seen [...]

by Cedric Jackson, April 30, 2015
5 Common Attributes of High-Converting Product Descriptions

Do your product descriptions match the tone of voice and the language of your brand? Are they uniquely yours and [...]

by Cedric Jackson, December 1, 2014
What Makes a Compelling Product Description?

Want to sell more products? The key to success is in your product description. Compelling product descriptions drive up engagement. They lower bounce rates, increase [...]

by Cedric Jackson, April 17, 2014
Let’s Get Up Close and Personal with Product Descriptions

Financial services, packaged goods, consignment shops – they couldn’t be more different from one another, but when it comes to the business end of [...]


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