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By Cedric Jackson, April 11, 2017
Revisions and Rewrites: Do You Need Really Them?

Copywriters don't like doing revisions because it decreases the profitability of the piece, clients don't like them because they slow the process of bringing good content to [...]

By Cedric Jackson, March 28, 2017
$5 Copy versus $50 Copy: How to Increase ROI by Spending More

These days, there are loads of freelancing sites that will help you create and deliver all kinds of content. From copywriting to graphic design to producing your podcast, there are [...]

By Cedric Jackson, March 21, 2017
Monetizing Your Blog: Why Ad Placement Matters

 If you have done any kind of online marketing work or wave worked closely with a reputable marketing company or agency, you already know how difficult it can be to [...]

By Cedric Jackson, March 14, 2017
Squeeze Pages: Keep It Simple

If you have ever tried using a squeeze page to capture more leads and have found the results to hover somewhere in between unfavorable and largely unpredictable [...]

By Cedric Jackson, March 7, 2017
When Keywords Matter (And When They Don't)

What you are about to read can help you from making some very common mistakes and approach your next copywriting project with more confidence that your keyword game [...]

By Cedric Jackson, February 28, 2017
Are You Ignoring These 5 SEO Strategies?

The way most marketers interpret SEO is a thing of the past. What many fail to realize, though, is that it hasn't disappeared, it's just gotten more complicated over time. [...]

by Cedric Jackson, February 14, 2017
5 Copywriting SEO Strategies That Get Results

While there are loads of factors that determine the effectiveness of SEO, none even begin to match good copy in significance and influence. Your written content is [...]

by Cedric Jackson, February 7, 2017
4 Big Mistakes Marketers Make Writing White Papers

The white paper is a marketing tool, no doubt, but it is not supposed to be a 10-page sales pitch. All too often, that is precisely what it turns into. Today, I'd like to pinpoint [...]

by Cedric Jackson, January 31, 2017
How to Write a Whiteboard Animation Script

I like the idea of whiteboard animation. This type of video has a degree of versatility that others don't. It's one of the truly customizable, brand-friendly video solutions out [...] 

by Cedric Jackson, January 24, 2017
5 Components of Winning Explainer Videos

Whether you are moving products or promoting services, an explainer video is a great way to draw people in. They get people's attention, pique their curiosity, and open the [...]


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