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by Cedric Jackson, March 27, 2013
SEO Content Writing Made Easy - 3 Tips for Aspiring Copywriters

Content writing, whether for SEO, presentations or even an ebook can be a tricky affair. You've always known that you can write, but how do you write content that [...]

by Cedric Jackson, March 20, 2013
A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Freelance Copywriting

There are two ways to write copy. You can sit down and write, which is pretty much like firing buckshot into a dark hall and hoping it'll hit a randomly [...]

by Cedric Jackson, March 4, 2013
The Evolution of SEO Content Writing

Over the years SEO content writing has undergone some changes, mostly affected by the way search engines (notably Google) rank websites in its search results [...]

by Cedric Jackson, February 20, 2013
The Small Business Introduction to A/B Split Testing

In our previous post we discussed content management for small- and medium-sized websites. With a spreadsheet and Google Analytics you can keep a bird's eye view [...]

by Cedric Jackson, February 12, 2013
Improve Your Conversion Potential with Better Content Management

A friend, Aaron, had an unconventional start to his SEO content writing career. Instead of completing the usual agency stint or going for classes, he [...]

by Cedric Jackson, February 7, 2013
Copywriting Services

The Brief Consider run-of-the-mill office chairs: manufactured in bulk, and transported from the factory to retailers, in bulk. Intelligence isn't a [...]


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