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By Cedric Jackson, November 7, 2017
Using Visual Storytelling to Engage Your Audience

I chose this particular topic because I think it's one area of content creation that is largely overlooked. In fact, until recently, it was hard to even find a concrete definition for [...]



By Cedric Jackson, October 31, 2017
The Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2018

I don't do many articles like this, mostly because there are so many lists like it with as many forecasts as there are copywriters to pen them. I used to think this was a bad [...]

By Cedric Jackson, October 24, 2017
How to Format Blogs and Articles to Grow Your Audience

Much like the power of love, content marketing is a curious thing. There is no single formula that will appeal to an entire audience. Segments of your audience will respond [...]



By Cedric Jackson, October 17, 2017
How to Write Emails That Expand Your Reach

It's one thing to be good at writing marketing emails; it's quite another to be good at using email as a mass-marketing tool that extends far beyond your physical list. It's not an [...]

By Cedric Jackson, October 10, 2017
Why Good Ad Copy Still Matters

It seems like there are a lot of conflicting messages floating around about how 21st century marketing is supposed to work. The advent of social media has changed the game [...]

By Cedric Jackson, October 3, 2017
Improving the Rhythm and Cadence of Your Written Content

There is no doubt that there is a rhythm and a cadence to the written word. If you've ever read a book or article aloud and tried to make it sound as natural as possible, you know [...]

By Cedric Jackson, September 26, 2017
How Copywriters and Agencies Determine Pricing

Ever wonder why you don't get many bids on freelancing sites? It could be because the amount of money you're offering doesn't fall in step with what good writers are [...]

By Cedric Jackson, September 19, 2017
Persuasive Writing Techniques That Boost Conversions

Remember back in high school when we all had to write persuasive speeches and essays? Great! Now, do me a favor: Forget everything you learned then. Today, I [...]

By Cedric Jackson, September 12, 2017
Why Many Clients Undervalue Copywriters

I would like to speak frankly to anyone who has ever thought of hiring a copywriter or working with a copywriting company. If most clients could see what happens behind the [...]

By Cedric Jackson, September 5, 2017
When to Hire an Older Copywriter

Lots of things get better with age – copywriters, for example. Just so you don't stop reading right here, let's get the obvious reasons out of the way. Yes, age and experience [...]


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