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Imagine that – custom writing products that are created specifically for your needs, specifically about you, with 100 percent original content every time.

Each of our professional writers brings something different to the table, whether it be a background in professional script writing, e-book writing and formatting, proposal writing, or beyond. If you can think it, we can do it – so long as it requires words.

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Call Us: 1-800-566-6560


Our custom writing services are varied and expansive – just some of what we do includes: Read More

  • Audio and Video Script Writing – Whether you need scripting for an advertisement, instructional/training video, or anything with production value, we’ve got you covered. Our scripts have found their way onto radio, television, corporate websites, YouTube, and more.
  • Business Proposals – Proposals aren’t exactly known for being interesting reads – but we’re working to change that. Our proposals are well-organized, direct, and beautifully written. It may not hit the Times’ best-seller list, but if there was a category for proposals, we’d be in.
  • Briefing Books – Free up your staff’s time, but still have the information that you and your clients need in front of you with briefing books prepared by PR pros. The right style, the right info – just not with your time commitment.
  • E-books – Need a ghostwriter or someone to simply update formatting for e-book purposes? Let us know. We’ll match the right writer to make your e-book a hit.
  • Essays and Bylines – No, we’re not talking about college coursework here – we’re talking about great writing services to support professional applications, such as essays and journal articles to establish your credibility and place as a leader and expert in your space. You need it, we do it – and we do it well.
  • Report Writing – You have the data and you need to make them presentable – but who has the time? We do, plain and simple. Let us know what you need and give us the notes and data to get it done, and we’ll turn out professional business reports in no time.
  • Resumes – You know what they say – you can explain in person, but you need a resume to get you through that door. Think of us as your official doorman.
  • Scribing and Transcription – It’s words – your words, actually – at 180 wpm. We’ll scribe notes from your calls or turn video and audio files into written records – just let us know what you need.
  • Speeches and Presentation Notes – No one prepares your speakers better than we do. Let us know what you need and the tone you need it in, and we’ll spin a speech that could have come straight from the speaker. Or, double down with speaker notes to make sure that your speaker stays on the mark. It’s “oops-free” speeches made easy.

Like we said, if you can think it, we can do it. On time, within budget, and with 100 percent original content every time.

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