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By Cedric Jackson, December 19, 2017
Writing Educational Copy People Will Actually Want to Read

It's not easy – not by a long shot – to keep people entertained, and it can be even more difficult if your business is less than exciting in the first place. If you are a high-end [...]

By Cedric Jackson, December 5, 2017
5 Huge Mistakes Marketers Make When Creating Content

It’s time to re-evaluate how you manage content creation because that is where most troubles begin. Today’s audience is more cutthroat than ever, and if your content doesn’t [...]

By Cedric Jackson, August 15, 2017
6 Winning Social Media Posting Strategies

I've done a few similar blogs on social media in the past, but since the various platforms are ever evolving and attracting a newer, broader user base each day, I thought it was time [...]

By Cedric Jackson, June 20, 2017
Why Backlinks Matter and How You Should Use Them

Backlinks are the secret weapon in many businesses' arsenals that keeps them ranked high on Google and the other leading search platforms. They have a great deal [...]

by Cedric Jackson, January 3, 2017
Top 5 Reasons You're Not Getting Results on Social Media

It should come as no surprise that social media remains the dominant means by which people communicate and interact online. It is also the most powerful marketing tool any [...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 15, 2016
Storytelling: Your Brand's Super-Secret Weapon

Have you ever thought about what your brand's narrative would look like? What is the perfect story you can tell with your brand? We've discussed in detail the importance [...]

by Cedric Jackson, August 9, 2016
5 Ways to Increase Retweets on Twitter

Have an idea or message you want to go viral in a hurry? Then it's time to start taking Twitter seriously. The format is so simple, as was the original idea: an endless stream [...]

by Cedric Jackson, July 26, 2016
How to Segment and Effectively Market to Your Email List

I've written in depth in the past about email and why it's so important. Today, I want to address a part of email marketing that is often neglected: the area of segmentation. [...]

by Cedric Jackson, June 28, 2016
Cornerstone Content: 5 Key Elements That Get Results

Cornerstone content reflects those things that are essential to your business. Namely, it encompasses basic information about your products or services. Good cornerstone [...]

by Cedric Jackson, April 12, 2016
5 Big Reasons Why Your Landing Pages Don't Convert

There are few pieces of content more vital to the success of your business than landing pages. They move traffic swiftly in one of two directions: closer to (or directly to) a [...]


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