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By Cedric Jackson, October 17, 2017
How to Write Emails That Expand Your Reach

It's one thing to be good at writing marketing emails; it's quite another to be good at using email as a mass-marketing tool that extends far beyond your physical list. It's not an [...]

By Cedric Jackson, October 3, 2017
Improving the Rhythm and Cadence of Your Written Content

There is no doubt that there is a rhythm and a cadence to the written word. If you've ever read a book or article aloud and tried to make it sound as natural as possible, you know [...]

By Cedric Jackson, September 19, 2017
Persuasive Writing Techniques That Boost Conversions

Remember back in high school when we all had to write persuasive speeches and essays? Great! Now, do me a favor: Forget everything you learned then. Today, I [...]

By Cedric Jackson, July 25, 2017
What to Say and Not Say in a Cold Call Script

The fact of the matter is that telemarketing is, on average, more effective than any online marketing strategy, including email and social media marketing. The percentages [...]

By Cedric Jackson, July 18, 2017
How to Craft a Powerful Elevator Pitch

The concept of an elevator pitch is simple: You have a worthy prospect as a captive audience but just for a very short period of time. How do you explain, promote, and sell the [...]

By Cedric Jackson, July 4, 2017
5 Elements of the Perfect Tweet

Of the social media platforms, I think Twitter is the most interesting. Its built-in limitations actually make it more versatile, in ways, than platforms like Facebook that [...]

By Cedric Jackson, June 27, 2017
How to Develop a Creative Brief for Your Copywriter

While there are instances where the writer might overlook a detail or forget to include a keyword, more conflict between writer and client stems from the completeness and [...]

By Cedric Jackson, June 13, 2017
3 Effective Ways to Write Promotional Copy for Your Podcast

Podcasting is a growing trend among a wide range of industries. If you've been thinking about trying it, there are a number of things to consider, not the least of which is [...]

By Cedric Jackson, April 11, 2017
Revisions and Rewrites: Do You Need Really Them?

Copywriters don't like doing revisions because it decreases the profitability of the piece, clients don't like them because they slow the process of bringing good content to [...]

By Cedric Jackson, March 14, 2017
Squeeze Pages: Keep It Simple

If you have ever tried using a squeeze page to capture more leads and have found the results to hover somewhere in between unfavorable and largely unpredictable [...]


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