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By Cedric Jackson, August 22, 2017
Creating Content for Millennials

I want to give you some helpful tips on how to approach a millennial market. There are a few things you need to understand about how they consume content, what they [...]

by Cedric Jackson, January 31, 2017
How to Write a Whiteboard Animation Script

I like the idea of whiteboard animation. This type of video has a degree of versatility that others don't. It's one of the truly customizable, brand-friendly video solutions out [...] 

by Cedric Jackson, December 6, 2016
3 Key Elements of a Winning Headline

It should come as no surprise that I place an incredibly high value on powerful, compelling, well-written copy. I think it is the responsibility of every good marketer or business [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 11, 2016
Why You Should Eliminate Passive Voice from Your Copy

It is important to remember that your audience is made up of people. Those people have specific demands when it comes to the content they consume, and a huge part of [...]

by Cedric Jackson, August 23, 2016
What Kind of Email Sequence Will Get You the Best Results?

Today, I want to show you how you can get the most mileage out of your email campaigns, and that is accomplished in two ways. First, you have to know the people in your [...]

by Cedric Jackson, February 9, 2016
Why Some People Hate Your Content and Why You Shouldn't Care

Before you decide you're going to be taken aback by the sheer callousness of the title, let me tell you right up front: There is a definite point to it, which I will get to a little [...]

by Cedric Jackson, January 19, 2016
Why Readability Is Important

Today, I want to share with you why sentiments like this about your copy equate to a terrible approach to content creation and how you can really maximize your SEO [...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 6, 2015
Dominating Social Media with Killer Content

If you aren't using social media, you aren't reaching the audience you could be and you're missing out on a huge number of business contacts, leads, and customers. [...]

by Cedric Jackson, September 17, 2015
Aligning Your Content with Your Visuals

Now, admit it – when you sit down to write your copy (or when you order an article or landing page from your copywriter or custom writing service), you write first and add visuals later [...]

by Cedric Jackson, July 7, 2015
Pace Yourself: Writing Copy with Rhythm

Rule one of good audience engagement: avoid choppy copy. You know what I'm talking about: Sentences that are too short or too long, convey too much information or too little [...] 


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