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By Cedric Jackson, December 26, 2017
Why Your Blog Publishing Frequency Matters

 You will never win over an audience with silence. The frequency at which your audience hears from you is every bit as important as what you have to say. This is why I [...]

By Cedric Jackson, December 12, 2017
Why Your Medical Practice Needs a Blog

Remember when doctors made house calls? Most of us only vaguely remember seeing it on TV. Rewind about 40 years or so, and it was still standard practice in many areas [...]

By Cedric Jackson, October 24, 2017
How to Format Blogs and Articles to Grow Your Audience

Much like the power of love, content marketing is a curious thing. There is no single formula that will appeal to an entire audience. Segments of your audience will respond [...]



by Cedric Jackson, October 4, 2016
3 Easy Ways to Increase the Readability of Your Blog

To be honest, most of the blogs I come across out there are barely readable, and there are several reasons why that is. Instead of getting up on my soapbox and touting all the [...]

by Cedric Jackson, September 27, 2016
How to Write Engaging List Posts

You see them everywhere, especially in social media feeds. Some are humorous, some are serious, some just hope to provide you some valuable information, and, hopefully ...

by Cedric Jackson, September 6, 2016
5 Ways to Get More Readers for Your Blog

The world needs to see your blog. The world deserves to see your blog, but how do you get more people to it? Moreover, how do you get them to keep coming back? [...]

by Cedric Jackson, August 30, 2016
 5 Blogging Styles That Get Results

Do you know that how you blog is every bit as important as what you blog? Depending on the business you are in, certain blogging styles might prove to be more [...]

by Cedric Jackson, August 16, 2016
4 Reasons You Should Go Long-Form with Your Copy

You know your product or service offering(s) well, I have no doubt. The problem is that without great content – stellar content – the people you reach through your website [...]

by Cedric Jackson, July 12, 2016
4 Smart Ways to Stay Consistent with Blogging

The one thing at seems to almost always fall by the wayside in the consistency arena is blogging. For some reason, many marketers still don't think that it is as important to [...]

by Cedric Jackson, February 26, 2016
6 Ways Your Blog Is Losing You Leads

We all make mistakes. It's inevitable. Good marketers and business professionals know this. They also know that mistakes – and learning from them – are a vital part of [...]


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