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by Cedric Jackson, December 27, 2016
What Kind of Email Campaign Is Right for You?

“Email” is not an all-encompassing term. You can't just “send an email blast” and hope for the best. Out of the numerous personality types, income levels, and other demographic [...]

by Cedric Jackson, December 6, 2016
3 Key Elements of a Winning Headline

It should come as no surprise that I place an incredibly high value on powerful, compelling, well-written copy. I think it is the responsibility of every good marketer or business [...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 29, 2016
5 Reasons to Send a Press Release

When it comes to marketing and journalism, a few tried and true methods of getting a message out still hold up. One of the best is the distribution of press releases. We all [...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 22, 2016
3 Key Elements of Effective Content

 As the world shifts more and more toward a completely virtual online marketplace, the defining characteristics of effective content need to shift with it. This is why [...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 15, 2016
Storytelling: Your Brand's Super-Secret Weapon

Have you ever thought about what your brand's narrative would look like? What is the perfect story you can tell with your brand? We've discussed in detail the importance [...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 8, 2016
Building Solid Customer Relationships with Email

Email is important. It's still the most powerful marketing tool you have, and yet many marketers and business owners neglect it. The truth is, when it comes to relationship [...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 1, 2016
Expand Your Marketing Strategy with Creative Writing

Have you ever considered trying content marketing as a way to promote your brand message? I have had this conversation with people numerous times and, more [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 25, 2016
Why Every Business Needs a White Paper

White papers are becoming more and more of a staple in all kinds of businesses. They provide a means of getting across a clear message about your product and your brand. [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 18, 2016
Selecting the Right E-Book Writer

E-books are a great investment in your business. When presented properly, they have a high perceived value and can help you capture emails and even secure various [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 11, 2016
Why You Should Eliminate Passive Voice from Your Copy

It is important to remember that your audience is made up of people. Those people have specific demands when it comes to the content they consume, and a huge part of [...]


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