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by Cedric Jackson, November 22, 2013
When You Know You Need a Newsletter Writing Service

Emailing a newsletter regularly is a vital way to keep in contact with your current and potential customers. Even if you know this to be true, writing a newsl[...]

by Cedric Jackson, November 5, 2013
5 Reasons to Choose an Article Rewriting Service

Writing a daily blog post can seem like a daunting task if you’re not an established blogger or if you’re already at your working capacity [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 11, 2013
What Makes Press Release Writing Different?

There are a variety of ways to effectively get your company name to shine both online & off. Many of the most effective marketing and branding methods involve [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 9, 2013
Choosing the Right Press Release Writing Service for Your Brand

The messages that you send to your clients and to potential clients can make all the difference in whether your brand grows and thrives or it plummets [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 4, 2013
How Does Professional Copywriting Work?

When it comes to professional writing, often times you can’t simply hire a “writer.” Writing is like ice cream – it isn’t [...]

by Cedric Jackson, October 2, 2013
5 Ways Professional Copywriting Benefits You

As an entrepreneur, you may have a lot of talent in your industry, but do you have a lot of talent in copywriting? As talented as you likely are [...]

by Cedric Jackson, September 26, 2013
Does Your Content Writing Company Speak UK or US?

Whether you’re already working with a content writing company or looking for a new company to take the charge, there are several details that you [...]

by Cedric Jackson, September 24, 2013
Why Hiring a Content Writing Company is a Critical Step for Business Owners

Accountants, doctors, lawyers, pet store owners, dentists, teachers, they all excel at what they do—but they don’t all necessarily excel at [...]

by Cedric Jackson, September 18, 2013
50% of Marketers Plan on Shifting Marketing Channel Focus in 2013

A recent study carried out by found that 2013 will truly prove to be a critical year for content marketing as more than 50% of marketers [...]

by Cedric Jackson, August 23, 2013
The Difference Between Copywriting and Copyrighting

Homophones. For some people they are a source of confusion. While bear and bare are easy to differentiate, the more unusual ones - those not used in [...]


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