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The Cold Call Killer - Finding Quality Investors Through Great Content

By Cedric Jackson, January 16, 2018
The Cold Call Killer - Finding Quality Investors Through Great Content

When was the last time you voluntarily talked to a telemarketer? Don't be shy – it's all right. Most of us don't let them get 10 words into their pitches before dropping the “not interested” or “take me off your list” bomb. I've offered advice in the past about how to minimize the damage, but in the end, cold calling is not without its problems.

Cold calling might still be a good way to sell carpet cleanings and book free home energy efficiency assessments, but from a B2B standpoint, it often fails to gain the right people's attention. For serious entrepreneurs or business owners looking for investors in their businesses, cold calling is typically not a reliable (or credible) way to reach out to serious investors.

With that in mind, I'm going to give you three effective ways to expand your reach with investors through great content, then delve into the types of content that will help you get their undivided attention.

#1 – Be Purposeful in Your Contacts

The average person who has money to invest in your company is often lacking in one other crucial area: time. If you reach out to someone about your opportunity and they can't immediately see any reason to talk to you, odds are they won't.

The average investor is inundated with opportunities from every conceivable angle. Imagine if just one small shift in focus with your content could shine a spotlight on you and your company and make yours the clearest and most compelling voice in the din of everyone else's pleas for funding. Well, experience has told me that it's possible.

When you reach out to investors, use content creation to start the conversation. Tell them that you are developing content around a specific topic and could use some insights and opinions from a few true industry leaders. You don't have to brown-nose or go heavy on the compliments. Just ask for what you want:

“I have been following your work and the businesses in which you typically invest for some time, and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions for my next blog post.”

A common offshoot of this strategy is that you gain followers and attention for your work within the investment arena. The person you interview will likely share any content to which he or she contributes. This will ultimately expand your reach to other investors you might never have known to contact in the first place. You can then utilize the content itself to outline your investment opportunity and see who responds.

#2 – Show Your Own Industry Expertise

Everything you put out there – from blog posts to social media conversations to emails, newsletters, and product descriptions – needs to show the value of your brand to an investor.

While it's true that your credibility is key to growing and sustaining your entire audience, attention to detail is crucial when dealing directly with an investor. Casual followers will accept your opinions on the basis of trust. Investors need a little bit more.

Make sure that any claims or opinions you include in your content are backed by credible, timely sources of information and evidence. Don't just toss information out there; mention where it came from and add your own observations and insights.

#3 – Never Stop Networking

Even if you fail to secure the support of a specific investor, there are myriad reasons why one might decide to pass on the opportunity. In many cases, they see the value of your opportunity but simply don't have the time or available resources to dive in with both feet. That doesn't mean they don't know someone else who might.

Calls to action in your content can mean the difference between making the right connections and missing golden opportunities. The only surefire way to get anyone to do anything directly for you is to ask them to do it. If you are using email as your primary one-to-one contact medium (and you should be), asking for forwards to like-minded investors or to anyone on their list that could benefit from the information you share is a great idea.

Of course, you will want to use this strategy in other areas, as well, including social media. When it comes to finding investors, though, social networks are actually less effective than more traditional online marketing avenues, so use your marketing dollars and resources responsibly with your social audience(s).

Developing Your Content Strategy

Now for my short list of the types of content that are most likely to impress potential investors. Remember that every business (and individual) is different, so some of these things may work better than others. Split test and monitor all your content creation efforts until you find the sweet spot that delivers the most positive responses.

Email – It's still the staple and foundation for most successful content marketing strategies. When developing emails for potential investors, keep your subject lines simple but interesting and avoid using all-CAPS or hyperbolic language.

Witty, edgy, even controversial subject lines are more likely to get opened than those promising, “a great investment opportunity.” Sell the “why” with your subject line, not the, “what.” It's not about what's in the message, it's about why the reader should care.

Short Explainer Videos – These pair well with emails and should be very short: 15 to 30 seconds is optimal; 60 seconds is the absolute upper limit.

Blog and Long-Form Content – Once an investor decides he or she is interested in your opportunity, you need to provide ongoing reasons to stay interested. Regular blog posts (with accompanying emails and social media advertising) are a great way to accomplish this.

You also want some well-written and well-presented long-form content for serious investors who might still be on the fence. In most cases, these people have questions about the opportunity. The more answers you can provide without first being asked, the more confidence you will build in your brand and at your aptitude for success.

Final Takeaway

Your approach to content creation when seeking investors for your business is not unlike developing content for a broader consumer audience. The difference lies in how well you present not just your ideas, but the research, expertise, and experience that drives and validates them.

Need help figuring out that balance? Our experienced custom writing and content creation professionals are here to work their magic for you. Just let us know how we can help. 

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