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BeezContent was founded in 2012 by Cedric Jackson and Vincent Clarke, the result of a long weekend spent in a middle-of-nowhere cabin on Lake Tahoe. Searching for a way to make an entrepreneurial spirit productive, the two decided to pair their business knowledge with their customer relations and customer service experience.

In developing new content for their own website, the duo realized that other online businesses could perform better if they simply communicated more efficiently. And just like that, BeezContent writing services came to be.

So what’s with the name? Bees are social by nature and work as a team – we played on that.


Today, our custom writing service supports hundreds of organizations around the globe, reaching countless industries and media. Real estate projects in Costa Rica, travel companies in London, investment businesses in Dubai. From writing websites to copywriting services and everything in between, if it involves writing, we’ve done it.

That said, we ourselves are local – though, of course, the definition of local varies. Our headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but our writers are located throughout the country, providing us with local intel on a variety of places – something that has come in quite handy on numerous occasions.


Content writing is just a simplified way of saying that “we write stuff.” Original “stuff.” And lots of it. Press releases, e-books, resumes, blogs, articles, Web content, marketing materials and collateral, scripts – you name it. It isn’t about a certain type of content or that one type is better than another. It’s what we do, it’s who we are, it’s what we love.

That said, we do often get asked, “What is copywriting,” “What is SEO,” or any other number of questions about what we do. Copywriting is a type of content writing that, to us, means developing creative-based copy for marketing material purposes. That could be a brochure, website copy, flier, banner ad – you name it. It’s a general term. As for SEO, everything that we write for the Web here at BeezContent is written for SEO. It means that we do custom writing for your materials based on your search strategy to ensure that your content is better indexed by search engines, moving your content to the top of the results (and driving more traffic to your website and materials).

In short, content writing is writing original content for any number of media to support individual organizations’ unique goals and strategies.

Have other questions about what content writing is or what we do here? Let us know at


Our writers come from all walks of life with a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. Some are experienced professionals with English majors, some are former journalists and PR pros, others are former industry specialists – the variety is part of what makes our writing services so productive across so many industries and media.

Regardless of industry and specific background, each writer needs to complete quality work that is on time, within budget, and no less than 100% original.


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